July 15, 2024

Getting Started

What is Amateur Radio?

Amateur Radio is a communication activity and service licensed by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). Amateur Radio Operators (often referred to as “hams”) communicate on specific frequencies, different modes and equipment permitted by the FCC. Communication can be across town, the country or around the world. Amateur Radio is made up of organizations, groups and individuals.


Why are we called Amateurs?

The reason we are called Amateurs is because under FCC rules as Amateur radio operators we are not allowed to receive compensation for any services we provide. All services provided by Amateur radio are on a voluntary basis only. To that end, we provide our own equipment at the individual and organization level.


The Discovery of Radio Waves








Interested in the Hobby?


Test Examinations

Club sponsored exams are the last Saturday’s of April and September, for more info contact Joe trainbee@aol.com

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Study Guides

The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual

No-Nonsense License Study Guide (KB6NU)

Gordon West Study Manual (WB6NOA)

Pass Your Amateur Radio – The Easy Way (K4IA)

Amazon.com is another place to get these books


Technician Valid until June 30, 2025

General Valid until June 30, 2023

Extra Valid until June 30, 2024


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