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Pen Bay Amateur Radio Club

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Dilbert - The Knack "The Curse of the Engineer"

Dilbert - The Knack "The Curse of the Engineer"
"The Knack" clip from Dilbert S01E09: Dilbert is diagnosed with "The Knack" at a young age and is destined to become an engineer! Oh no!!!!

Disclaimer: Although Amateur (Ham) Radio attacks engineers, it is a great hobby and activity for all people. Young to seasoned, all sexes, whether your interest be in Ham Radio just for fun, chatting around the county or the world, contesting, or helping out with communications in emergencies, give it a chance and catch the Ham Radio bug. You'll be glad you did.

Knox County Ham Radio Community Emergency Communications Program

Contact friends and relatives when
normal communications are unavailable.

Information for Knox County Residents:
Information for Radio Operators:

Amateur Radio
A Hobby For The 21st Century
The Radio Society of Great Britain
in conjunction with TX Factor

“Amateur Radio, a hobby for the 21st century” by The Radio Society of Great Britain in conjunction with TX Factor is under Copyright © by the Radio Society of Great Britain. All Rights Reserved. We thank The Radio Society of Great Britain for granting us permission to show this video on our website.

Picture of tower crew at base of antenna tower.

From the photo archives of years past: Club members lend a hand in 2003 erecting self-supporting 55' Rohn tower at QTH of K1BEA in Union, Maine.

Photo Credit WJ1C, Col. John Carr: (l.r.) N1HPU, Ben Benedetti; KB1HZU, Mike McCarty; K1BEA, Ken Orne; KB1LIB, Millie Orne; N1AFV, Gordon Jameson (SK); K1SAM, Sam Godfrey; W1DAL, Dave Lawrence; WC1W, Will Chadwick (SK); KB1LCG, Norm Meyer (SK); W1BDL, Charlie Kigel (SK).

Membership Application
Download application for membership.

Need to study for your ham exam?

Are You Experiencing Radio Interference?

Some area hams are experiencing interference from devices that come under FCC Part 15 rules. If you are experiencing Amateur radio band frequency interference similar to that in this video, then please contact us with your descriptive details at [info]
(Please delete brackets when pasting/copying email address.)

We are aware of this growing problem but we need you to contact us so we can help you and put an end to this problem for all hams as soon as possible.

Thank you for your help in this urgent matter.

LAST UPDATED: Saturday, January 20, 2018

As always, all Pen Bay Amateur Radio Club meetings are open to anyone interested in Amateur (Ham) Radio. Please join us at our next meeting and check us out.

Our next Pen Bay Amateur Radio Club meeting is
scheduled to be held on Saturday, March 10th, 2018 at 10:30 AM in the Knox County EMA Office, 301 Park St., Rockland, ME.

ARES/RACES-CERT meets at 9 AM,
same meeting place, prior to our regular meeting.

Any necessary winter/storm/weather related cancellation notices will be given on our 8PM Chimes Net the day before any meeting is scheduled to be held. (Please see the section below on the right of this web page for more info on our Chimes Net.)

The Knox County EMA Office is located at:

301 Park St., Rockland, ME
(Near Shepard’s Self Storage)

Picture of Knox County EMA Building
Maps/Directions: Google | Yahoo | Mapquest

Photo from "Tower Work Day" at the County’s Benner Hill site - Jan 7, 2016 - Installing new UHF Yagi for the amateur multicast system.
Photo Courtesy: Ray Sisk, Knox County Emergency Management Agency (Maine)

Photo from "Tower Work Day" at the County’s Benner Hill site - Jan 7, 2016 - Installing new UHF Yagi for the amateur multicast system.

Old Time MGM Ham Radio Film

Can You Hear Me Now
For a larger view of "Can You Hear Me Now?", please see page 6 of the December, 2015 Newsletter.

Ham Video - Amateur Radio on the
International Space Station (ARISS)

Click here and here to read more.

Solar-Terrestrial Data

The 10-Meter HF Band is Open For Business !!! Not Currently So Hot
Due to Heightened Lesser Levels of Solar Activity!

Click here to read ARRL's K7RA Solar Update.

10 Meters

Novice and Technician, Technician Plus classes:

  • 28.000-28.300 MHz: CW, RTTY/Data--Maximum power 200 watts PEP
  • 28.300-28.500 MHz: CW, Phone--Maximum power 200 watts PEP


28.000-28.070 CW
28.070-28.150 RTTY
28.150-28.190 CW
28.200-28.300 Beacons
28.300-29.300 Phone
(Tech - 28.300 to 28.500mhz)
28.680 SSTV
29.000-29.200 AM
29.300-29.510 Satellite Downlinks
29.520-29.590 Repeater Inputs
29.600 FM Simplex
29.610-29.700 Repeater Outputs

General, Advanced, Amateur Extra classes:

  • 28.000-28.300 MHz: CW, RTTY/Data
  • 28.300-29.700 MHz: CW, Phone, Image

Check into the "Chimes Net"

145.490 Mhz (91.5 PL)
Daily, 8:00 P.M. local time.

Please use the W1PBR/r: 147.060/+600/91.5 repeater as primary access to Chimes Net.
The backup repeater is KC1CG 145.490/-600/91.5.

The Chimes repeaters, '490 and '060 are now linked, most of the time.

Chimes Repeaters

In memory of Charlie Kigel, W1BDL

Charlie's Humanitarian Efforts As a Ham Operator Years Ago

Picture of old grandfather clock.

Click Here For Info & Actual Audio Transmission

The Chimes Net was first started by Charlie Kigel, W1BDL, SK, and Dave Billheimer, W1GQL, in 1995 as a nightly chat net and has been in almost continuous operation ever since.

Thank you Mike, KB1HZU, for recording the original VHF radio transmission of Charlie, W1BDL, opening the Chimes Net. And also thanks to Chad, N1SDR, for converting the original formatting into a much cleaner, high fidelity mp3 file. Great work!

Practice Digital HF Reception by Tuning In to the

Weekend Voice of America Radiograms

All you need is an AM shortwave radio, a computer, an audio cable to connect the two and free Fldigi software.

Each weekend program is 1/2 hour long and includes news items in text and picture formats.

VOA Radiogram transmission schedule:
(all days and times UTC):

Sat 0930-1000 5745 kHz
Sat 1600-1630 17860 kHz
Sun 0230-0300 5745 kHz
Sun 1930-2000 15670 kHz
All via the Edward R. Murrow transmitting station in North Carolina.

Here is an example item from February 1, 2014:

(Click on the image to see a larger version.)

For more information and detailed instructions, go to

Have you talked to the International Space Station?
Pen Bay ARC was the first in the Pine Tree state
to contact the ISS.   Read Here 

Or Read Here

(Search ARRL letter for the phrase

Current ISS Location AMSAT
Select "ISS" in list, then enter coordinates.

ISS Flyby
Enter zip code for ISS flyby in your locale.

"73 From W1PBR"


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