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Pen Bay ARC would like to have any used or new, workable or repairable HF or UHF radios to donate to any new hams that our Volunteer Exam Team produces. The Pen Bay Club VE Team has licensed many young hams over the past 15 or so years and we never hear from most of them again, mostly because they don't have a rig or mentor to get them on the air. Perhaps if we can give them a radio and get them on the air it may keep them interested in Ham Radio. Many old or unused police and fire radios can easily be converted to the ham frequencies. Contact NY1B at [ny1b@toast.net] or at 354-6853.

Wanted: Any old ham gear, radio parts, antennas, coax, meters, tubes, etc. that are collecting dust and you want removed. I love to tinker with older equipment. Contact WA1JFX in Waldoboro at: eight-three-two-four-seven-five-four.


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