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Club members lend a hand in 2003 erecting self-supporting 55' Rohn tower at QTH of K1BEA in Union, Maine.

Photo Credit WJ1C, Col. John Carr: (l.r.) N1HPU, Ben Benedetti; KB1HZU, Mike McCarty; K1BEA, Ken Orne; KB1LIB, Millie Orne; N1AFV, Gordon Jameson; K1SAM, Sam Godfrey; W1DAL, Dave Lawrence; WC1W, Will Chadwick; KB1LCG, Norm Meyer; W1BDL, Charlie Kigel.

Pen Bay Amateur Radio Club
Field Day
June 26-27, 2010
Thomaston, Maine

All photos courtesy of N1HPU.

Steve, KB1TCE; Nancy, KB1TCG; John, KB1KSM.

Raising the 30-foot tower.

Antennas everywhere!

Bert, K4CW, working CW.

l-r: Chuck, KB1TGB, and Steve, KB1TCE working PSK.
l-r: Chuck, KB1TGB; Steve, KB1TCE; Jose, KB1TCD, working voice.

Ben, N1HPU, with the club banner.

Norm, NY1B.

Scotty, Pen Bay ARC President, KB1DSW, securing sleeping quarters.

Vertical with ground radials set up for HF operations.

Norm, Bert and Nancy, KB1TCG.

Ken, K1BEA; Norm and John enjoy the succes of Field Day with a sip of Norm's homemade wine. Is that a pucker on your face, Ken?

Club mobile tower setup.

Steve and John put up a PSK vertical.

Old Glory waving proudly up at 55 feet.

This quilt was made by Karen Godfry, N1XTE and auctioned off many years ago for the Pen Bay ARC club and won by Norman R. Smith Sr., NY1B.

It is now shown at every field day.

( Click any quilt picture for a larger version. )



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